Scar Tissue :: Cancer Series

This piece is about scars and how I used to wish them away. I used to tell the scarred places in me that I wished they were perfect again and that the damaged places in them, in me, were ugly and shameful.

After I started this piece, I woke from a dream and heard the scarred places in my bones cry “Why would you wish us away? How would we know where we have been? Why would you want to hide what we have been through? You cannot go back.” This piece shows how the places that have been broken and eaten away in me, in us, can be beautiful, stronger than before and full of new life. 

This piece is currently hanging in the “Healing, Inspiration and Art Exhibition” at the Roche Tissue Diagnostics Community Gallery, curated by Dana Haynes of the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA). Healing, Inspiration, and Art will be on display from January 11th – April 9th, 2019. Details here:

4.5″ wide x 40.5″ long x 1.5″ deep
found wood (thanks to John, my former neighbor who remodeled his bathroom and put this board out with the bulk trash), acrylic ink, glue, various metal/glass/plastic inlaid pieces, wood burner, propane burner