Worshiping Fear in the Temple of Danger

I believed the wound in me that said I was too much, too wild, too different, too dangerous, too quiet, all the while also believing I was not enough. Believing those things to be true, I went along to get along, didn’t rock the boat, kept a low profile, and betrayed myself over and over and over again. Eventually, I began to worship fear, for surely, if I worshiped fear then I would not be consumed by that of which I was afraid. This piece is about how the freedom that comes from releasing fear can also bring the security of being enough.

20″w x 34″h x 12″d
found wood, acrylic inks, glue, various metal/glass/plastic inlaid pieces, wood burner, propane burner, metal display extraordinaire by metal master Mike “Fergie” Ferguson of Big Chicken Hotrods